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A rental property portfolio, from one unit to a hundred or more, is an excellent and profitable long term business when all aspects are operating in a positive manner. When repairs are minor, all units are fully and well tenanted, and people issues are kept to a minimum the process is enjoyable. Occasionally, despite all precautions and safeguards, a tenant becomes a problem — sucking all the joy (and cash) from the exercise. At times it seems the tenant is in control and your investment is in jeopardy thereby increasing your stress. As with any problem it is usually best to take control, remove the cause, clean the wound, and move forward.

Edmonton Eviction Service Inc. is positioned to help you and/or your property manager to take control, remove the cause (a bad or non performing tenant) so you can clean the wound and move forward. We will represent you, as the landlord, through the court proceedings — the only legal way to evict a tenant — with the goal of evicting, or (if appropriate) re-training, the tenant. Utilizing your information we build the RTDRS hearing filing package and follow through to the goals we establish at the beginning. In other words — we reduce your stress and help you move forward.

Legally evicting a tenant is a one-shot process and can be time intensive and frustrating (adding stress) when not familiar with what the court requires. We have years of experience with the process and will take out the frustration for you (reducing stress). We explain what can and should occur thus giving you a clearer picture and more control (moving forward).

For further information please contact us at (Phone) 1.780.974.8427, (Fax) 1.780.997.9387, or (Email) We are more than happy to explain what we do and how we achieve success. Call today and allow us to help you reduce stress and move forward in order to put the joy back in your portfolio!

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